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Data in Space.... mind blown.

Ok, not that space.

I'm already blown by the images from the James Webb Space Telescope, no this is the new capability in Power Bi to connect to data and overlay live scanner images. The inspiration for this post can be found here.

Apparently all you need to do is open the camera from the in the Power Bi mobile app homepage and start scanning around you. The report locator at the bottom of the screen will indicate when anchors are found, helping you to direct the camera to the right direction.

The preview image you see on the card shows the latest Power BI data and also reflects the permission you have on the data.

It does need your admin to switch on data in space in the org tenant to get things going. Oh you know it, I've already activated in my tenant so I can play with it.

Note it is IOS only for now, as a dedicated Android user I am just going to have to deal with the dark side until it makes its way over.

Augmented reality is becoming a reality [sorry], the ability to bring insights to a physical surrounding is quite something, this is only going to get bigger.

A solution looking for an implementation.

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