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Power Bi And PowerPoint - How to.

Long time user of PowerPoint and Power Bi, and of course the challenge has been how to make them work together.

As many of you will know, working together has not been overly exciting, either a static screenshot or export to PowerPoint. The first gives absolutely zero interaction for further insight, the latter gives some except when clicked the Power Bi service wanted to open in a separate window, trashing the slick presentation you were trying to make.

Hence why Power Bi integration into PowerPoint is a big deal. It is now possible to add your dashboard to a slide and interrogate as you would in the service, all without leaving your presentation. So how to do this.

I'll assume you are using Office365, because you should be...

If you open PowerPoint you should see under My Add Ins the Power Bi button, if not click on get add ins and search for Power Bi from Microsoft and then click again to add.

Once done as below, just add the URL of the report you want to use or the bookmark and the report will appear. This is assuming you have correct licenses and shares in place.

With report included.

You can also set up from within the Power Bi Service.

Open the report you want to include, select the page, click share and then PowerPoint.

From the pop up you can choose to Open directly in PowerPoint or as before, copy the link and paste into the address box in the PowerPoint slide.

Now you can present and use all the slicers and filters that are in the report to make your presentation truly dynamic.

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